Font & Spacer Options

Choosing a font is a very individual thing.  SSD has a variety of fonts and spacer stamps to suit every style and personality.

Script, Cleo and Block are definitely the most versatile and popular.

Not all fonts will fit onto every design and I'm happy to offer some advise if you'd like to contact me.

Sterling silver hand stamped necklace


2.4mm (medium)


2.75mm - 3mm (med/lrg)


1.5mm - 6mm 


3mm (large)

Hand stamped sterling silver necklace


2.8mm (medium)

image coming soon


3mm (large)


2mm (small)

Hand stamped necklace for men


3mm (large)

Natural or Treated Text

Natural means keeping the lettering untreated, which can give a similar look to engraving.

Treated means to darken the lettering with a solution to give a crisp black effect, making the words stand out. 

Sterling silver hand stamped jewellery


Personalised hand stamped necklace


Spacer Stamps

Hand stamped jewellery desig stamps

Top Line: 1 - tiny solid heart, 2 - solid heart, 3 - tiny heart, 4 - stripy heart, 5 - hand drawn heart,

6 - heart, 7 - whimsy heart (no longer available),  8 - wide heart, & 9 - cupid heart.


Bottom Line: 1 - star, 2 - asterisk, 3 - dot, 4 - lotus, 5 - leaf, 6 - curled dash, 7 - flower & 8 - infinity.

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